VELEBIT washing paste is a universal detergent on the basis of selected surface-active substances with the addition of fine abrasives for removing all impeccably fat, oil, soot, bitumen, tar, color printing, graffiti, carbon and other dirt.

VELEBIT washing paste is primarily intended for efficient washing of:
• Very dirty hands,
• Metal, ceramic, concrete and other hard surfaces such as floors, walls, desks, boilers, reception dishes, and other similar devices,
• Lacquered surfaces such as doors, windows, etc.,
• Enameled surfaces such as bathtubs, stoves, refrigerators and other appliances and cookware.

VELEBIT washing paste reliably removes all vegetable and animal fats, blood, spices and all organic dirt. On the fine surfaces does not act aggressively, so it is used for cleaning in industry, catering, health services, agriculture, gas and other services, public transport and the household, and in all places where a perfect cleanliness is needed.

Method of application:
Wet hands rub with small amount of VELEBIT washing paste and rinse with water.
On hard surfaces put small amount VELEBIT washing with damp cloth or sponge and rub. Clean with a wet damp cloth.
Wet concrete surface rub with hard brush dipped in VELEBIT washing paste and rinse with water.

Ecology impact tested. Permit UP / I ° -034-03/05-02/000889

Analytical Code: E/47

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