Cream shoes Velebit is intended for the care and maintenance of leather footwear .
Content is represented optimal amounts of waxes , turpentine and quality technical vaseline . The cream is very effective impregnator - prevents moisture from entering the shoe so that the shoe stays dry and comfortable for the feet .

Method of application :
On dry shoe , previously cleaned of dirt , the cream is applied in a thin layer and rub in gently . Polishing approach caused when the skin absorbs the cream , brush or cotton swab . It is advisable to leave the shoes for two hours at room temperature in order to fully absorb the cream .

Note :
Cream shoes Velebit is almost entirely domestic product . Representation of domestic raw materials is 93 % .

Analytic number : 054026525 / 5

We analyzed a sample given to the tested chemical parameters corresponding to Article 55 shall , čl.56 , čl.75 paragraph 3 of the Ordinance on the conditions regarding the health and safety of common use that may be placed on the market ( N : N : 42/2004 ) , and in the sense of Art . 4 of the Health and Sanitary Inspection of Food and general use ( OG 1 /97) deemed to be safe .

packing :
Commercial packaging 12 pieces , packed in thermo - shrinking film . Transport Packaging 240 pieces .

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