VELEBIT - fruit tree wax with propolis - COLD

Product information: UP / I 320-01/03-01/2 analyte. No. 05402 9179/06

VELEBIT fruit tree wax with propolis - cold, is a high-quality, natural, product, intended for use in all forms of plant pruning.

Wax is 100% natural.

The whole story about this type of wax was created long time ago when the same preparation was used by our forefathers to protect their orchards and olive groves. VELEBIT fruit wax with propolis - cold, unlike the archaic preparation, is stabilized product with the addition of quality assets that naturally stimulate faster recovery of the damaged parts of the plant. Major role in the VELEBIT fruit wax play propolis – natural antibiotic.

Usage of VELEBIT fruit wax in organic production provides great importance for the protection of the plants in a natural way. VELEBIT fruit wax is a strong link in closing the ecological circle of production and obtaining the relevant eco certificate.

VELEBIT fruit wax with propolis – cold, is used in all forms of grafting. Wax is putted on the cross-sections of branches during the winter cutting, during inaction of vegetation, as also during spring (green) cutting.

VELEBIT fruit wax with propolis - cold, successfully, in a natural way close wounds on the trees, protecting them from frost and other weather disasters, and preventing the penetration of bacteria and fungi in fruits.

Slower drying of VELEBIT fruit wax with propolis prevents cracking of the wax, and thus effectively protects the injured part of the plant.

Unlike the liquid waxes made for the same purpose, VELEBIT fruit wax with propolis is more practical to use, because, desired layer is made in one drew, without additional "bolding".

VELEBIT fruit wax with propolis - cold, is protected by the Croatian Institute for Intellectual Property.

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