Shoe polish for the maintenance of sports equipment, sports and leather clothes.
Due to the significantly higher representation of wax, turpentine and quality, technical vaseline, VELEBIT Neutral Sport is recommended specifically for the protection of sporting equipment, especially footballs. Just NEUTRAL SPORT shoe polish prevents the absorption of water and the ball, remains the same weight during the match in the rainy weather -  a wet field. The polish protects the thread by which the ball is seams and prolong lifetime of the ball.

Method of application:
On dry shoes, previously cleaned of dirt, put VELEBIT Neutral Sport in a thin layer and slightly rub. Polish with brush or cotton cloth when the skin absorbs the shoe polish. It is advisable to leave the shoes for two hours at room temperature to fully absorb the polish.

Analytical number: 054026525 / 5
Analyzed samples corresponds to the Article 55, Article.56, Article.75 paragraph 3 of the Rules on the conditions in terms of medical accuracy for general use items that can be put into circulation (N.N. 42/2004), and in terms of Article. 4 of the validity of health and health surveillance of food and objects of everyday use (N.N 1 / 97).

Commercial Packaging - 12 pieces. Packaged in heat-collecting foil.

Transport packaging - 240 pieces.

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