We are looking for partners on our project “VELEBIT ECOLOGICAL IDENTIFICATION BAG


          “VELEBIT ECOLOGICAL IDENTIFICATION BAG” – is bag made of natural, compostable materials, different sizes and forms with identification (bar-code) which gives to "ordinary" cotton bag (or bag from some other natural material)  a whole new dimension and brings a full range of benefits for all who use it.

          • RETAIL OUTLETS:


  •     Buy “VELEBIT ecological identification bags” and give/sell them to consumers.
  •     Retail outlet stop with using two plastic items - a plastic bag and consumer card and make savings.
  •     Retail outlets promote environmental awareness among consumers.
  •     By using "VELEBIT ecological identification bags" consumers have different facilities when they go shopping and they always use ONE bag.  (Identification code (bar-code) works on the principle of consumer cards that can be found at retail chains.
  •     Retail outlet can advertise itself on the bag or sell place for adverts.

          • CONSUMERS - save money with constant use of "VELEBIT ECOLOGICAL IDENTIFICATION BAG"  (ONE BAG) that provides them discounts at retail outlets. (Retail outlets determine what product will be on discount and when).

          • SOCIETY - suppress long-term use of plastic bags and its accumulation on the land and in the oceans after the rejection. Together we make Earth better place for living.

          Note: on the other hand, using one ecological bag we prevent the accumulation of one and excessive cultivation of cotton or linen for this purpose.
          The project partner is Vis – from Varaždin, largest Croatian producer of ecological bags.

          "VELEBIT ECOLOGICAL IDENTIFICATION BAG" is protected by the Centre for Intellectual Property in Zagreb. (International value)

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