Encouraged by the revival of cooperatives in the Republic of Croatia, we as a group of entrepreneurs ‘defenders, at the beginning of 2007, we decided to set up a Defensive Social Work Workers’ Fruit Farm. BSRZ “Plodna Oranica” – has demonstrated to its work so far that by the use of knowledge, domestic raw materials and the willingness of people to work and develop in a very short time, they can achieve remarkable results. The cooperative uses the incentives for the development of cooperatives, which are awarded by Croatian ministries from European Union funds, investing in technology, ecological production, new product development, distribution and protection of their products domestically and at European level.
The company owns several patents. One of the protected products is “VELEBIT” fruit wax with propolis additive. “VELEBIT” fruit vinegar with the addition of propolis, unlike synthetic import waxes, is a completely natural, ecological product made from 100% homemade raw material, while fruit growers, vintners, olive growers using “VELEBIT” fruit wax with propolis add the highest quality assurance. It is precisely because of their raw material and dedication that the people who make them produce all their products bearing the label “WITH PROUD – MADE IN CROATIA”

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