With return of cooperatives in the Republic of Croatia, we as a group of entrepreneurs, in early 2007 decided to establish a Agriculture cooperative „Plodna oranica“ Veliki Zdenci.

          Agriculture cooperative „Plodna oranica“ present an agricultural programs that encourage organic production, prepare and educate the cooperative for demanding domestic and foreign markets, and include businesses that want to or, already are engaged in the production of organic products.

          Plan is to encourage as many members of cooperatives in order to achieve a realistic basis for a quality production and construction of adequate processing facilities, with emphasis on higher level processing and joint appearance on the market.

What do we produce?

Velebit Ecological Identification Bag

We are pleased to present you a unique project on the Croatian market - "Velebit Ecological Identification Bag". Leading in the idea of ​​practicality, usefulness and ecological awareness, we have designed a project that ...

VELEBIT shoe care products

VELEBIT shoe care products are intended for maintenance of leather shoes.

Natural willow furniture

With us you can find modern garden furniture, bread baskets and rolls, decorative baskets, rocking chairs and many other products for daily relaxation and food storage.

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