VELEBIT – Fruit wax with propolis, COLD


Protected in the Croatian Institute for Intellectual Property and has been in the market for five years now.



Product Information: UP / I 320-01 / 03-01 / 2 Anal. Br. 05402 9179 / 06VELEBIT propolis wax fruit – a cold, high quality, natural, Croatian, product designed for use in all forms of vaccination.

VELEBIT propolis wax – cold, protected in the Croatian Institute for Intellectual Property and as such it has five year.
The wax is unique in its 100% domestic, natural composition, unlike the whole range of imported, synthetic or acrylic resins that come under the name “fruit wax” and are on the shelves of Croatian agricultural pharmacies. This story of this type of wax was created Much before and it goes far in history when similar preparations were used by our ancestors to protect their orchards and olive groves.

VELEBIT propolis wax fruit – cold, unlike this archaic composition, is a product of stabilized quality with the addition of agents that naturally encourage faster recovery of damaged parts of the plant. A great role in VELEBIT fruit wax is just a propolis that produces a healing note on the product. The VELEBIT fruit wax’s use in organic production has proved to be of great importance because this part of plant protection is a natural, natural way of closing the ecological circle of production and obtaining associated certificate.VELEBIT propolis wax fruit – cold, used in all forms of vaccination. Waxes are coated with branches during the winter resin, at the time of the rest of the vegetation, and this is also the case during the spring (green) cut of the branch. In contrast to liquid waxes for the same purpose, VELEBIT fruit wax with propolis addion is more convenient because, of the mentioned apply with a single step in the desired layer, without subsequent “baking” .VELEBIT propolis propolis – cold, successful, naturally closes slices and wounds on fruit trees, protects them from frost and other weather conditions and prevents bacterial and fungi penetration in a fruit.

Slow drying of VELEBIT fruit wax with propolis additives prevents it from scratching, and thus more effectively protects the injured part of the plant. Frane Ivković recommended the use of VELEBIT propolis fruit wax in front of the Croatian Fruit Association