VELEBIT – Hand Wash Powder


Universal paste for clean hands



Features: VELEBIT pasta is a universal paste-based agent based on selected surfactants with the addition of fine abrasives for perfect fading of all grease, oil, soot, bitumen, tar, printing ink, graphite, carbonized and other dirt.

VELEBIT paste is intended
• Highly dirty hands
• Metallic, ceramic, concrete and other hard surfaces such as floors, walls, work desks, boilers, receptacles, and other similar appliances
• Lacquered surfaces such as doors, windows and the like ,
• enameled surfaces such as: bathtubs, stoves, refrigerators and other white techniques and kitchen utensils.

VELEBIT pasta reliably removes both vegetable and animal fat, chicken fat, blood, spices and the like. It does not work aggressively on treated surfaces, so it is used for washing and cleaning in industry, hospitality, healthcare, agriculture, gas and other services, public transport and households, or anywhere where impeccable cleanliness is required.

Application: Water-absorbing hands are handled well with a small amount of VELEBIT handwash and water washers. A small amount of VELEBIT paste is applied to the hard surface with a damp cloth or sponge, then the surfaces are well cleansed and wiped with a clean, damp cloth. Bonded surfaces are dampened with water and shredded with a damp brush in VELEBIT pasture, washed surfaces washed with water jet.

Ecotoxicological examinations and impact on water, water permit UP / I ° -034-03 / 05-02 / 000889
Analithic number: E / 47